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Italian citizenship by descent 1948 case

1948 Cases

Is your case falling into the “1948 Case Italian Citizenship” category? Our team of professionals will assist you with the entire process, from preparing the document to applying for your Italian Citizenship through descent.

Italian citizenship by descent italian consulate

Consulate Path

Do you need to apply through the local Italian Consulate? Our team of professionals will assist you with the entire process, from preparing the document to set up the Italian Consulate appointment and being prepared for that.

Italian citizenship by descent court path

Court Path

Has your case to be filed at the Italian Court? Our team of qualified Italian Citizenship Lawyers will assist you with the entire process. It will represent you at the Court for filing and fighting your case of Italian Citizenship by ancestry.

What we do

Apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent with Us

ICD – Italian Citizenship by Descent born from experienced professionals in the field of applications for Italian Citizenship through Descent. Thanks to our partnership with professionals in Italy and qualified Italian Citizenship Lawyers set in Italy, we provide complete and full assistance to American Citizens that have an Italian heritage.

We will first check your eligibility for the Jure Sanguinis program for free. If you are eligible, we will exclusively assign a professional to your case. What are you waiting for? Contact Us for a free eligibility check!

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